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Capital: Gitega
Population: 10.86 million
Official languages: French, English, Kurundi
Time zone: Central African Time
Emergency #: 112
Vaccinations required: Yes
Risk of malaria: Yes
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Burundi: Travel Health Information

Burundi is known for its history and natural landscapes. Tourists can visit the landmark pyramid, signifying the south-end of the Nile River, or lounge on the beaches of Lake Tanganyika. Visitors can also see many species of fish that are native only to Lake Tanganyika.


The standards for patient care and medical services in Burundi may differ from your home country. Burundi has a small public healthcare system but the quality of care is limited and does not meet international standards. The country lacks adequate healthcare facilities, resources, and personnel, especially outside of urban areas.

In the event of a medical emergency, contact your travel health insurance company immediately. Hospitals and private practitioners in Burundi require upfront payment, regardless if you have travel health insurance. Evacuation to South Africa or Nairobi, Kenya may be required for medical emergencies. Ensure that you have accessible funds to cover upfront fees and adequate travel health insurance, including evacuation. Before you depart, check with your insurer about the extent of their coverage in Burundi.

Pharmacies and medications

There are a few pharmacies in Burundi. The sector is generally short on resources and trained personnel. As such, medicines may be in short supply or unavailable. Make sure to pack an adequate supply of essential medication for the duration of your trip.

If you are travelling with medication, check with Burundi’s embassy, consulate, or Ministry of Health for details on medication allowances and restrictions. Note that these sources may provide incomplete or out-of-date information.

Road safety

Roads in urban areas of Burundi are generally well-maintained, but roads in rural regions may be in poor condition. Large potholes are also common. Wandering pedestrians and livestock may also pose a risk to travellers.

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